Marketplaces are in a constant state of flux. Customers’ needs and market conditions change as new competitors and technological capabilities also emerge. In these volatile environments, businesses must be flexible enough to adapt and make swift changes.

If you are considering entering a new market, assessing your current situation or even introducing a new product or service, Firstbridge’s team of advisors can ensure that your plans are thoroughly analysed so as to guarantee that your decision is a well-informed one.

The business advice from Firstbridge is treated on a case-by-case business and not solely dependent on prior experiences. The team is backed by strong technical knowledge and committed to undergoing sound research in order to truly appreciate the specific scenario and the market of each client.

Through its Advisory services, Firstbridge can:

  • Carry out feasibility studies to equip you with the right information when contemplating a new business move.
  • Prepare Financial Business Plans for the purpose of supporting lending, private investment and attaining Public / EU funds and incentives.
  • Perform due diligence exercises to ensure peace of mind prior to embarking on a business investment.
  • Offer transactional and valuation advisory services.
  • Support you in mergers and acquisition activity to ensure you grow in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Offer other services including  Accountancy, Corporate Management, Payroll & HR services as well as assistance in Business Tax or Indirect Tax.

Get in touch with us to set up a consultation and discover how we can help you.


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