International Ride-Sharing Company Uber To Launch In Malta

Uber, the world-famous ride-hailing company, is set to launch in Malta within weeks. 

It is understood that the U.S. company is in the process of obtaining a licence, after having held discussions with local partners about the possibility of it entering the Maltese market in the near future. 

While an official announcement has not yet been issued by Uber itself, the company’s move to Malta is being backed by Alf Mizzi and Sons and will be led by Bolt’s former CEO Seb Ripard. 

Uber operates in over 85 countries around the world, offering peer-to-peer ride-sharing, food delivery, bicycle-sharing and ride-hailing services. It remains to be seen whether all its services will make it into the country. 

Locally, Uber’s main competitors would be Bolt and eCabs. Like Bolt, Uber does not own any vehicles. Instead, it received a commission from each booking.