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Firstbridge - Generating business successthrough tailor-made solutions

Established in 2005, Firstbridge is comprised of a versatile team of experts, providing a range of financial services to an array of businesses and organisations.

Whether at an individual, start-up or established level, the team at Firstbridge is equipped to bridge the gap between your financial requirements and goals. Regardless of the scale or nature of your commercial activity, our in-house experts from different areas of financial management will study your case from a holistic perspective in order to offer a tailor-made solution to suit your specific needs.

With the expertise to analyse your case from various financial perspectives, Firstbridge will offer a highly personalised service able to adapt to your set-up and work through all the technical formalities so as to allow you to focus on your other business priorities.

Our Mission Statement

As a united team of professionals we strive to cultivate business success amongst local and foreign entities undergoing commercial activity regardless of scale, industry or location. Firstbridge offers financial corporate support through tailor-made solutions, serving as a bridge between our clients’ financial requirements and goals.

Corporate Values

No two projects are alike. Our client needs are unique to the situation in which they operate. Nonetheless, all our services are based on strong corporate values and a conscience that drives our business conduct, irrespective of the nature of the job.

Our firm is administered by the very architects who built it from the ground up and sound values are the building blocks upon which we have built our success. Working through these values has provided results, not only to us but also to our clients and the industries within which they operate.

Technical Competency


Technical competence is the hallmark of our profession. Our team is made up of qualified experts who continuously undergo professional training in the various aspects of their job. In light of the ever-changing regulatory and legislative environment in which we operate, this is of paramount importance in order for us to offer the best technical advice for our clients’ business decisions.



We take confidentiality very seriously, as we know that our esteemed clients are trusting us with something of great value to them. Any information provided to us is respected with utmost confidentiality and will only be used to help us to draw up a full picture of any one project, which in turn will enable us to provide our clients with the best service that they rightfully deserve.



We conduct our business with ultimate corporate governance, displaying professionalism in all that we do. We have a strong network and enjoy a highly esteemed reputation which is built upon years of positive results through ethical professionalism.

Never compromising on quality, we give our clients the peace of mind that with us on board, they are sure to conduct their business ethically and with integrity.

Teamwork & Adaptibility


We pride ourselves in being entirely approachable and adaptable to any given setup. The flexibility of our team allows us to jump on board with our clients’ projects in order to identify their personal requirements and offer the best solutions for their business.

The Firstbridge Approach

You may have a clear understanding of the services you need, therefore we invite you to navigate through our services pages to get to know how we can help you. Likewise, we understand that you may be encountering an issue but are unable to identify the help you need. This is precisely where we step in. Contact us today, and find out how we can support your business.

Our Services

Memberships and Associations

In an ever-changing corporate, regulatory and legislative environment, keeping up-to-date with technical advancements is of the utmost importance and thus held at top priority here at Firstbridge.

As a means of keeping abreast of all matters of interest, the team is fully committed to its own CPE Programme, one that is vital to the fulfilment and attainment of the latest relevant knowledge and international developments. This notion is fortified through the business as well as its members’ established affiliations with numerous key organisations and associations, including but not limited to:

About Malta

Malta is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, enjoying close proximity to mainland Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Its European Union membership also adds to it being an ideal hub for European and Mediterranean business ventures and beyond.

The country boasts a rich history dating back to some 7,000 years. Having been ruled by various empires at different stages in the country’s history, every aspect of its historical development has contributed to the modern, multicultural and thriving nation that it is today.

Socio-Political Make-up

The island prides itself in its stable economy which is highly rated amongst credit agencies. Additionally, The World Markets Research Centre has appraised the island with negligible overall risks.

The country’s law system is based on Roman law with French influence primarily through the Napoleonic code. Additionally, English common law is influential to Malta’s legislation. Maltese legislation is drafted in both Maltese and English whilst proceedings in court may also be carried out in the latter. Furthermore, the country boasts a high quality of life and a low crime rate.

Whilst English and Maltese are the official languages of Malta, English is the language used in education and business. Further to this, Italian is widely spoken whilst German, French, Spanish and Arabic are also spoken yet to a lesser degree. Translations are also easily available.

In terms of the education system in Malta, approximately 25% of the young population attend university or tertiary education institutions and standards in the working world are thus held high.

Foreign Direct Investment

Malta’s attractive jurisdiction is a testimony to the country’s determination to attract foreign direct investment. Such incentives are targeted at companies which manufacture high-value products, carry out some level of research and development, or are involved in specifically identified industries such as IT, pharmaceuticals, remote gaming, marine and aviation.

A European Model

The island is a frontier state in the EU and 290 kilometres north of the nearest point on the African coast, thus serving as a strategic position for trade. The country naturally bridges the gap between the two continents across the Mediterranean. The strong connections with all neighbouring countries set Malta in a prominent position to achieve various business objectives.

The country thus maintains an exceptionally attractive jurisdiction and a supportive business environment, boasting highly qualified personnel complemented by high levels of accountancy, legal and educational systems.


In today’s fast-paced environment, where complexity seems to be the only constant, it is ever more critical for traders to comply with indirect tax obligations, namely VAT.

Inefficiencies in tax structures and lack of VAT planning can represent a major cost burden on taxpayers and legal uncertainty.

Strategic Location

Throughout the ages, Malta was indeed a focal point in the Mediterranean as a result of its strategic location, albeit for different reasons and matters of circumstance. Modern times are no exception, and although still better known as a tourist destination, Malta is becoming an increasingly important launching pad for successful business investments. This notion has been recognised by numerous international companies such as HSBC, Lufthansa, De La Rue, Aventis, Playmobil, ST Microelectronics, Microsoft, Betsson and Vodafone.