Firstbridge attends the Maritime Silk Road International Tourism Festival in Fuzhou China

In November 2016, Firstbridge travelled to China to attend the Maritime Silk Road, International Tourism Festival in Fuzhou. This event was the second of its kind and brought together business leaders from around the world with the main intention of attracting tourism to Fuzhou.

Supporting Malta’s Logistics and Tourism Strategy

During the trip, the Firstbridge team represented by Rodrick Muscat, Tax Leader, Hugh Arrigo, Company Director and Juheng Chen, Head of the Asian Business Development Unit met with both Chinese provincial government units to strengthen future development as well as other organisations to discuss new business opportunities. Highlights of the meetings involved discussions on the challenges and solutions in allowing better exchange to Malta within various industries from retail to technology and other trades.


Overcoming geographical barriers

“Although Firstbridge is located half way across the globe, our team is equipped to offer tailored services to our clients, regardless of geographical location. Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta is easily accessible by sea and air, which plays a major determining factor for Malta serving as a stepping stone to the European and North African markets.

With China’s strong services lines the opportunities are endless. Additionally, Malta’s European Union membership status means that the island is no longer deemed as a nation of just 500,000 people as the European community which we are part of is made up of 743.1 million individuals, all with their own specific needs. Malta’s healthy economic environment, coupled with the support of evolving tax laws, provides the right infrastructure to transact business. Proof of this lies in the many times that Malta has acted as the link between various nations where it has been clear that it is the government’s intention to support international direct investment. I sincerely believe that Malta will become very popular in the future with our Chinese partners, and it is the dream of our company to see more companies flying their Chinese flag in Malta,” Rodrick Muscat, Tax Leader.