The Different VAT Rates in Malta

All economic activity in Malta is potentially subject to Value Added Tax (VAT). As a Member of the European Union, Malta is subject to the EU’s own guidelines on VAT compliance, but it reserves the right to issue its own VAT rates on an activity-by-activity basis.

With recent changes made to VAT rates as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, being aware of the current VAT situation is beneficial. Here is the updated Firstbridge guide to understanding the different VAT rates in Malta.

Covid-19 VAT developments

Malta has introduced new VAT relief measures for medical services heavily linked to the Coronavirus until the 31st of December 2022. A reduced VAT rate of 5% applies for vaccines, in vitro diagnostic medical devices and other services linked to Covid-19. What’s more, VAT charged on protective face masks has been reduced from 18% to 5%.

See Legal Notice 4 of 2021 and Legal Notice 5 of 2021.

The Standard Rate

This rate currently stands at 18%.

This applies to all supplies of goods, services or importation that is subject to tax.

The Reduced Rate I

This rate currently stands at 7%.

It covers accommodation supplies licenced under the H.C.E.B. Act, mainly including hotel accommodation and sporting facilities.

The Reduced Rate II

This rate currently stands at 5%.

It generally affects:

  • Various printed matter including newspapers, periodicals, books and e-books
  • The supply of electricity
  • Confectionery goods
  • Clothing
  • Household items
  • Various medical accessories
  • Household care services for vulnerable people including the young, sick, elderly or disabled
  • Some cultural events and works of art
  • Minor repairs including small alterations and mending of clothes, shoes, bicycles, and more
  • Shoes and leather goods
  • Certain medical equipment

The Zero Rate

As the name suggests, this rate is in fact 0%.

This includes an applied VAT exemption with a refund of tax being allocated. VAT exempt goods and services include:

  • Some supplies of food products except for pre-cooked meals, highly processed dishes and pet food
  • Prescribed medicine and pharmaceuticals
  • Supplies of live animals used for yielding or producing food for human consumption
  • Supplies of seeds and plants for food production
  • Gold bars and ingots
  • Intra-community and international transport of goods
  • Services to goods and goods under Customs control

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