Technology vs Human Resources

Picking up the pace

The Digital Age has introduced many technological tools primarily aimed at simplifying processes. These very same tools offer a solution for almost any routine task previously performed by man. But to what extent can technological automation replace man?

Modern software is designed to save time and energy as entrepreneurs search for ways to lighten the burden on employees and increase productivity.

It is also thanks to technological advances that help one be a step ahead of others. These advances offer that cutting edge needed. “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs.

Without a doubt, technology has drastically changed the way companies do business by improving the quality and efficiency of their day-to-day duties. However, the price of these advances is that technology can erase the human touch in the way business is carried out.

One may ask: Is the fear that technology will take over our jobs rational? Or are these fears branching out of our paranoia as humans?

Technology and its advances have become inevitable in our world and our working environment. But technology is simply an extension to our capabilities as humans. Just like technology, humans will evolve and enhance their skills whilst adding more value and innovation to their work.

We must remember that technology is our tool; assisting us to create wonderful things.