Adding another line to our services: EU Funding & Support Guidance

At Firstbridge, we work with several enterprises to help kickstart and grow their businesses successfully. Our team of experts provide a range of tailored financial services to support businesses and organisations in reaching their objectives.

This year, we are extending our services to businesses and individuals who require expert guidance when it comes to grant programs and funding opportunities.

How can we help your business?

There are several EU funding programs for a range of projects and/or businesses. If you would like to learn about the current schemes, or would like to access an EU funding, we are ready to assist you with:

o Identifying the right funding cause for project ideas o Developing project ideas into funding proposals
o Applying on your behalf for EU Grants
o Providing guidance after you have taken the Grants

If you would like to fulfil your dream and start your own business, we can help you set up and expertly guide you throughout the whole process. We can also provide you with the grants and incentives available at the time and, and most importantly, a feasible business plan.

For many SMEs, growth is an important business objective. This, especially with market demands requiring rapid responses from enterprises to sustain their competitiveness. Should you need to expand, we can take you through growth and continuity schemes to help you do just that.

Our aim is to incentivise SMEs to adapt and become more resilient by addressing market challenges. Whether you would like to give life to an innovative idea or introduce a product or service to new markets, we are there to support you through the provision of Grants. This way, you will be able to actively participate in International Business Promotion Fairs and consolidate your international market presence.

Our team at Firstbridge can help you reach your potential and even exceed it. There are several EU funds and schemes from which you can benefit. If you’re innovative and ready to take the leap, all you need is someone pointing you in the right direction. Let us be the ones to guide you and help you realise your vision.