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Choosing Cloud Accounting Systems over Traditional Systems

Cloud technology has transformed the way we look at storing data forever. We upload information to cloud servers in data amounts that are nearly impossible to try and sustain with older storage solutions. As cloud computing is changing the process of just about every modern business, accounting firms should be no exception.

Why Now is the Best Time to Implement Cloud Accounting Systems

As we see cloud systems begin to take off and show what the future of storage could look like, now is easily the best time to switch to the cloud. When you migrate your accounting data to the cloud, you are future-proofing your accounting systems for the foreseeable future. If you wait much longer to switch your systems, your competitors will take advantage of cloud accounting systems to lower their operating costs and gain a competitive edge over you.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that can be seen from embracing cloud accounting systems over more traditional systems.

The Benefits of Cloud Accounting Systems Over Traditional Options

Easy Access

With a traditional desktop accounting system, every piece of software and data you own is located exclusively on that device. If you are not at the office or something happens to that physical equipment, you are effectively dead in the water.

Cloud accounting gives you the ability to access your data anywhere in the world and from any device. This means you are never tied down by the limits of traditional accounting platforms.


Long gone are the days of file cabinets containing an entire forest’s worth of paperwork and accounting information that you will likely never look at again. Using cloud accounting software eliminates the need for using paper for regular record keeping saving you precious office space and countless hours from trying to sort your documents.


The best accountants know that collaboration is the best way to prevent anything from slipping past your eyes and causing major headaches in the future. You can have multiple users access any of your essential data simultaneously when you are all connected with the same cloud system. With the cloud, you can also set clear permissions for each user restricting their access to only the files they need for their job.


An important consideration many people have when choosing how to store data is security. Anyone who has access to physical storage can steal or tamper with all the data they want. Cloud stored data has no physical presence and can be removed from unwanted computers in an instant. Additionally, most cloud accounting systems offer advanced security options such as multi-factor authentication to avoid any risks of a data leak.